Our entire world is made up of vibrational energy. Every person has a harmonic vibration that can be out of balance for all sorts of reasons. Due to illness, emotional pressure and any kind of situation that causes disturbance of inner peace and disbalance the chakra’s and damage your aura.

The phonophoresis or tuning fork healing is a powerful healing in which the harmonic basic vibration is restored by influencing the vibrational frequency of humans. The sound of the tuning fork travels through the bones and connective tissue and meridians throughout your body. This causes the body to resonate in the same basic vibration, the universal life energy. As a result, processes start moving in the body that makes a natural contribution to the healing process – towards inner peace and loving balance.

The tuning forks are placed on specific body points. They help to repair damaged spots in your aura and the resetting of the natural basic vibration of the body.

This form of healing can be added in concise form to an Angelic Reiki Healing and can also be used separately as a treatment for pain relief and recovery of the body’s natural energy flow.

In combination with Angelic Reiki Healing – € 20

As a separate comprehensive energy consultation – €35