Everything consists of energy. There are energy points in the human body called chakras. Out of hundreds of energy points, seven of these are the most important players in your energy management.

Special crystals are used to accelerate and deepen the effect of an Angelic Reiki Healing. They are able to retain energy, transfer energy and transform unwanted energy. The use of special chakra stones is a special form of healing in which each chakra receives a separate individual healing. A special stone is placed on each of the seven chakras. This process is able to absorb excess disturbing energy resulting in each chakras being opened and thoroughly cleaned.

An extended session with crystal healing removes deep blockages, making the “life force” flow better. It is, as it were, a major cleaning of your entire energy system. A good flow helps you to be better connected with your environment and with yourself.

The seven main chakras are located along the spine from your tailbone to your crown. Each chakra has its own specific characteristics, as follows:

1st chakra: red … ….    your basis, self-confidence, safety and vitality.

2nd chakra: orange …. feelings, emotions, joy of life, sexuality.

3rd chakra: yellow …. self-esteem, willpower, identity.

4th chakra: green …     (own) love, inner peace, compassion and forgiveness.

5th chakra: blue …       communication and expression, expressiveness.

6th chakra: indigo …    overview, clear vision, intuition, making decisions.

7th chakra: violet … … inner knowing, connectedness with higher consciousness

A crystal healing can take place with an Angelic Reiki Healing.  There is an extra surcharge of €15 for this.