With channeling I bring my own thoughts into silence and tune into higher energy frequencies. I connect with Light Beings of the 12th dimension. Angels, Ascended Masters and Guides who have achieved a high degree of purification reside in the 12th dimension. During this connection it is possible to ask all sorts of questions, about the sudden loss of a loved one, suicide, reincarnation, relationship problems and many other questions that may concern the client and possibly hinder their spiritual growth. The Light Beings also provide a direct contact between me and a deceased loved one. I literally speak with the deceased and see his / her presence in the room where I am.

The conversation I have is recorded, so that afterwards the client can listen to the answers given from the spiritual world. A session lasts about an hour and is done by me in seclusion and silence. Your presence here is not necessary. Sometimes the presence of a client can be an obstacle to receiving pure answers. Before the session I want to know as few details as possible. Preferably only a name and perhaps the subject on which the client wants further information. I offer the Light Beings all the space to say what may be said at that moment.

For further details I refer to my book: “Contact by Channeling”, which describes many channelings in detail.

Costs for a session is €55