Consulting an oracle deck is a sacred and spiritual event. Drawing a card and reading the accompanying text provides insight into a situation. The explanation of the cards varies from practical suggestions to profound answers in which a clear picture is sketched of your current situation. The suggestions that are made, for example, to come out of an impasse, are intended to pave the way in places where there is a risk of stagnation and where blockages seem to develop. It opens doors to a bright future in which more love and light will flow to you. It closes doors from your past that stand in the way of growth and healing.

A card reading can take place with or without the presence of the client.
After choosing an oracle deck, it is thoroughly shaken and the client draws one or more cards.

The purpose of charting is to make you alert to blind spots that often get overlooked be perceived or trivialized as unimportant, irrelevant feelings. The oracle deck aims to give you insight into hidden feelings, which make an important contribution to your well-being. Feelings that may have painful features on the surface, but that are changed into loving directions when touched.

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