Channeling                                                                           € 55,–

Reading e-Book                                                                     € 10,–

Angelic Reiki Healing:

– distance healing *                                                                 € 45,–

– in our practice *                                                                   € 55,–

* consists of preparation, charting, chakra check and Angelic Reiki Healing.

Extra healing enhancing options:

– Crystal Healing                                                                    € 15,–

– Energetic Sound Touch                                                       € 20,–

Extensive consultation with Energetic Sound Touch             € 35, —

The above amounts apply to the first consultation. If the angelic world indicates that a follow-up consultation is needed, and this places financial strain on the client, a reduction in the price or a donation is possible upon request.

Extensive report after what I observed during the healing     € 20,–

With a distance healing this extra report is sent by messenger.

With a healing in our practice this is discussed afterwards.