Angelic Reiki Healing is a healing technique that has a major positive influence on the recovery of your entire energy balance. It is a direct and pure connection with the Angel world. It is a very powerful form of healing that is able to touch and heal people to the deepest core. As soon as a connection has been made between the healer and the Angel world, the healer transfers the control to the angels, after which direct contact is made with the client. People who are sensitive experience noticeable changes during and after a session. Your energy management is restored, chakras are reactivated and a warm shower of loving, soft and healing energy is carefully sprinkled over you. Angelic Reiki Healing is helpful with: Relieving stress, tension and anxiety. Pain relief and healing at a deeper level. Healing of trauma and abuse. Bringing the chakras into natural balance. Relief of emotional blockages. Stimulation and increase of your immune system. Recovery from homeostasis (natural balance). Cleaning of non-self energies. Acceleration of natural process of self-healing.
Angelic Reiki Healing

About us

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Pascale and Han met in 2015 for the first time during a conscious channel workshop in Eindhoven. The basis for further cooperation was quickly laid. They have their practices in Son (near Eindhoven) and Puiflijk (near Nijmegen).  They have since received many clients with questions about health matters, expectations for the future, past lives, for healings, contact with deceased loved ones, relationship problems, inner struggles and for many other reasons to enlist the help of the angelic world.  They also do distant healings for clients around the world.

In their own words:

The method of approach is different every time. We work with oracle decks, with pure crystals, with the divining rod and with pendants. During a consultation we make contact with Light Beings of the 12th dimension and from there transmit messages from (Arch) angels, deceased loved ones and other Light Beings. We see, feel and hear deceased loved ones as if they are literally present in our practice. Sometimes we see a deceased loved one standing next to the client and embracing, kissing or stroking it. It is always special to see the presence of angels and to see them at work during the healing. As you will understand, there are many special emotional moments that not only touch the client deeply, but also affect us emotionally. An important part of the healing process is resetting the chakras to their original direction of rotation, activating new life force and releasing non-self-energies.

Messages from the spiritual world are gentle, loving, kind and uplifting. There is no form of accusation, coercion, conviction or rejection. Every person is respected and loved in who he is and what he does. Each of us has this indelible eternal presence of the Divine core of love. That is the beauty of our special contact with this wonderful world. We are assisted 24/7 by the Light World. Pure Light Beings who, through our openness and sensitivity, can make their messages flow to those who so request and are receptive to it. If you do not believe in spirits and angels, the effect of the healing is no less strong. The only thing you are asked to do is to ‘open up’ yourself to the powerful, healing energies of the angelic world.  

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