“Contact door Channeling”   (Auteur: Han de Fouw)

Contact by Channeling

After a search of dozens of years for the meaning of life, I awaken at the beginning of 2016 during a course in conscious channeling from a spiritual sleep. During and immediately after this course, images, voices and feelings of deceased people manifested spontaneously to me, who wanted to pass on messages to relatives via the so-called Lightbeings of the 12th dimension. In the months that followed, I was allowed to do dozens of channelings for people who came to me with questions. These messages were recorded on a recorder. Afterwards I worked out the most remarkable authentic recordings and bundled them together into this book, supplemented with various spiritual images. Topics that are discussed include sudden death, suicide, loss of a loved one, relationship and marital problems, reincarnation, abuse, diseases, blockades and other topics that are further explained by Light Beings. The reader gets a picture about life after death and the contact with your Higher Self without avoiding a subject.

This collection of channelings invites the reader to turn to himself and to come to self-reflection. The texts are written in dialogue form, where there is direct contact between me and the being, or the energy that manifests itself at that moment. 

If you have doubts about a life after death and want to have living proof, this book is an attempt to convince you of eternal life, of which we as human beings are part.

Ik Ben”    (Auteur: Han de Fouw)

I Am

After writing the book ‘Contact through Channeling’ the search for inner peace continued. An indomitable energy and unbridled curiosity led to an in-depth study of matter outside the human field of vision. Energies suddenly felt and became visible.  

The behavior of my dog Shiva was often the reason for me to make contact with lost beings and wandering souls in order to release them from their pain and to bring them to the Light.

We were born with the love of Christ and carry this with us for life. It is up to each of us to implement this in our own way. From the spiritual world, this book provides advice on how to deal with this and give your life a positive turn in your search for love, peace and joy. This is a book that consists of purely loving instructions to open you to the loving and joyful Light of Christ.   

‘loved’ (Auteur: Han de Fouw)

A tip of the veil between earth and heaven is lifted. What happens around us and within us, when the Light World gets permission to work with our energy? Beautiful and often breathtaking images during various sessions are extensively described. In addition, attention is paid to breathing and radical self-examination, which are the key to an overall state of well-being. This book is a further deepening of the spiritual journey in search of inner peace and loving balance. Every person on earth will at a certain moment make the step to the state of being that you are deeply: a beloved child in God.

This book will appear in mid-2020.