An Angelic Reiki Healing can take place at either of our practices in Puiflijk and Son and or via distant healing (Skype, messenger, What’s App).

We do healings all over the world.  

Due to the increase in your busy daily activities, it is often attractive and easy to receive treatment in your own familiar environment. The only thing you need is a place where you can retire quietly and undisturbed. As a result, you can relax while lying down, allowing you to fully benefit from the healing from a complete surrender. This energy comes directly from the Angel world.

Prior to the remote healing, the spaces where you and I find us are energetically cleaned and purified from (negative) disturbing energies. I also place different skylights of extra protection around us. We are both surrounded by a cocoon of loving and pure energy. In that holy and safe environment it is possible to receive, feel and use the energy of the angels for a thorough cleaning of everything that currently hinders you and stands in the way of further well- being and growth for you, of course in accordance with your life plan.

I choose an oracle deck, shuffle the cards and draw some cards to see what the spiritual world wants to say about you. Often these are messages about your past and present that can be useful in this healing. Then I look at your chakras to see if they are open, closed or maybe turning in the wrong direction.

At our agreed time you lie down and close your eyes. At the same time I touch your shoulders energetically and the session starts with charging and passing on the Angelic Reiki Energy. This vibration is sent directly to you by sudden warm or cold shivers, sometimes beautiful images, sounds or flashes of light. Maybe you feel nothing at all. It does not matter. Above all, don’t worry about what’s going on and simply let it happen to you. Surrender, let yourself go and enjoy this moment.  Shortly thereafter you will receive a message from me about what I have experienced.

The session takes into account after-effects, which can sometimes last up to a month. You don’t necessarily have to believe in angels. Experience it for yourself. You will be surprised at the result!

Stubborn problems are also addressed, but may only disappear after a few treatments in accordance with your life’s mission. Your chakras are brought back into balance with your energy management. A path of love, openness and sincerity is revealed to you.  

If you are interested in a follow-up session, take into account a recovery period of 4-6 weeks.

Healing in our practice *

If you choose a healing in my practice, I will follow almost the same procedure as with a remote healing.

I start with a short introductory meeting to discover the core of your desire to be treated. With the help of a map with oracle cards, we can see what the cause and effect is of an Angelic Reiki Healing for your healing process.

As soon as you have taken a seat on the treatment table, I turn on the music and connect with the Angelic World. I invite Light Beings and deceased (ancestors) parents to be present during the healing, so that they too can add a positive healing light vibration. You will experience a serene peace in which your thoughts fade away and you will fully relax. The loving healing energy of spirituality reveals itself.

I stand at your headboard and gently lay my hands on your shoulders. This is where the healing begins. I invite the Angelic World to take control in their own hands.

During their work you can get images and visions. You may feel yourself floating or becoming very heavy. You can get the feeling that you are being tickled or irritated. You can also suddenly become emotional and feel tears. Just admit it all. You and I are absolutely safe in the hands of these loving Light Beings. Enjoy this loving touch from the spiritual world. They want the best for you and know exactly where they can bring changes to your energy body. Blockages are often touched and healed at a deep ancestral level.

As soon as the Angel World has finished your healing and has withdrawn, I touch your shoulders as a sign that the healing has ended and I briefly tell you what I have seen and experienced. Then I check the functioning of your chakras and maybe draw a closing oracle card, as support for an additional clarification of what you have experienced.

*Prior to this healing I suggest you to consider an Energetic Sound Touch or a profound Crystal Healing.